24. / 25. SEP 2019

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Christoph Engelbert

Christoph Engelbert is a passionate Java geek with a deep commitment to open source software. He is mostly interested in performance optimizations and understanding the internals of the JVM and the garbage collector. He loves to bring software to its limits by looking into profilers and finding problems inside of the codebase. In addition he is highly interested in new ideas, technologies and new ways of solving problems. He has a deep understanding of IP based technologies like protocol stacks, TCP, UDP and asynchronous service implementations and fast serialization solutions.

Normally he doesn't like to reinvent the wheel but if there is a reason and a chance to make it faster or easier to use he still does it.


Oops-less Operation

How monitoring and observability allow "Oops"-less operation - or do you want your bank to be offline? More...