24. / 25. SEP 2019

Conference Topic
Quick & Dirty

Frontend Fundamentals for (Backend) Developers

Working on web frontends may just be the most challenging task in software development today. Not only do frontend developers have to deal with a wide variety of browsers, devices, and tools but the web platform itself is not easy to deal with. Over 30 years, the platform's API surface has grown to enormous proportions, even if we discount all the obsolete legacy features that HTML, CSS and JavaScript have accumulated. Add to this the ever-changing nature of web technologies and the fact that no developer has the luxury to learn frontend development basics before they dive in and you have a recipe for confusion, burnout, and missed deadlines.

This workshop is a crash course in frontend fundamentals for experienced software developers and touches on all the following topics:

  • Web Basics (client-server communication, HTTP, Ajax, REST)
  • HTML (semantics, accessibility)
  • CSS (cascade, performance, patterns)
  • JavaScript (type system, new features)
  • DOM APIs (web APIs, DOM manipulation, async programming)
  • Dev tools, libraries, and frameworks

The workshop (re-) introduces developers to fundamental frontend technologies to bring them up to speed with the latest developments as well as the hidden features, stories, and quirks of web standards across the board.

[The training will take place from 09:00 to 17:00 on September 25th. It will be in English, but Peter is German so if everyone prefers it that way, he can hold it in German.]


Peter Kröner

Frontend specialist, long-time teacher, Erklärbär More...