24. / 25. SEP 2019

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Quick & Dirty

Robert Scholte

It was 2011 when Robert joined the Apache Maven team, somewhere between the releases of Maven 3.0.3 and 3.0.4. Since then he has been one of the most active committers on the project and has been the chairman for the last 3 years. On behalf of the Maven team he was a member of the expert group of JSR-376, better known as Project Jigsaw and has done most of the work to make Maven work properly with the Java Platform Modular System.

Robert has spoken on several well-known Java conferences to talk about the faced challenges. In 2017 Robert started his own company called Sourcegrounds, which focuses on support for continuous integration related topics with an important role for both Maven and Java.


When fighting Apache Maven...

Instead of fighting Maven with quick and dirty solutions from Stack Overflow, learn The Maven Way. More...


Maven from the Ground up

You use Maven every day, but are still often surprised or feel unproductive? Robert will fix that by covering all bases, filling in the details you might have missed. More...