24. / 25. SEP 2019

Conference Topic
Quick & Dirty

Maven from the Ground up

Ask a Java developer whether what they use Maven for and the expected answer is "adding dependencies to the POM and running mvn clean install to get my jar". On the upside, this developer at least dares to touch the POM, but Maven is so much more! Maven helps developers by relieving them from the hard and complex parts of builds, so they can focus on their main job: developing software.

Most of the time if you start working on a Java project, the pom.xml is already in place. However, why is the POM file as it is and what sense does it make? This workshop will explain all essential Maven concepts by stepping through the POM, understanding the purpose of each segment. It will give you more control over your builds, make it more effective and efficient, and open doors to improve the quality of your software.

Some of the topics you can expect:

  • dependency management, resolution, and scopes
  • lifecycles and goals
  • plugins and their configuration
  • multimodule projects and parallel builds
  • settings.xml
  • repository managers
  • continuous integration servers
  • Open source contributions

[The training will take place from 09:00 to 17:00 on September 25th. It will be in English.]


Robert Scholte

Chairman of the Apache Maven team, Java module system expert, founder of Sourcegrounds More...