24. / 25. SEP 2019

Conference Topic
Quick & Dirty


Accento's second day is reserved for 3 great trainings by industry experts to boost your Java and web development skills. You're only interested in this practical part of Accento? No problem: You can get a ticket for just this day.

Frontend Fundamentals for (Backend) Developers

Frontend development is a vortex of browsers, devices, tools, languages, and a lot of legacy. This workshop teaches experienced software developers the fundamentals, so they can start being productive in this complex ecosystem. More...

Maven from the Ground up

You use Maven every day, but are still often surprised or feel unproductive? Robert will fix that by covering all bases, filling in the details you might have missed. More...

Testing Real-World Java Code

Automated testing is fundamental, but developers often struggle to apply it in real-world projects. This workshop bridges the gap from theory to practice and teaches terminology, tools, and techniques that improve your ability to test your code. More...