24. / 25. SEP 2019

Conference Topic
Quick & Dirty


We are happy to present you a varied selection of experienced speakers on Java, JavaScript and Web Development. Check out our lineup so far. We'll be announcing more speakers soon – stay tuned.

Ted Neward

Computational philosopher, speaker, author, gadget owner

Talk: Title loading... on Quick & Dirty [Keynote]

Simon Ritter

Deputy CTO at Azul, Java Rockstar, and Java Champion who works with Java since 1.0

Talk: From JDK 9 to 12 and Beyond: Delivering New Features in the JDK

Christoph Engelbert

Developer advocate at Instana, passionate Java geek, likes to optimize software to bring it to its limits

Talk: Oops-less Operation

Peter Kröner

Frontend specialist, long-time teacher, Erklärbär

Talk: Black Magic in TypeScript

Training: Frontend Fundamentals for (Backend) Developers

Johannes Link

Softwaretherapeut, Unterstützer und Extreme Programmer mit Schwerpunkt testgetriebener Entwicklung

Talk: Property-based Testing [Deutsch]

Marc Philipp

Software developer at Gradle Inc and JUnit maintainer with a passion for software builds

Talk: Customizing and Refactoring Gradle Builds

Robert Scholte

Chairman of the Apache Maven team, Java module system expert, founder of Sourcegrounds

Talk: When fighting Apache Maven...

Training: Maven from the Ground up

Martina Kraus

Google Developer Expert in Angular and web technologies, senior frontend developer, community organizer

Talk: Boost your JavaScript Performance with WebAssembly

Christian Stein

Open source developer working on JUnit, Apache Maven, and sometimes OpenJDK

Talk: Testing in the Modular World

Johannes Kissel

Softwareentwickler bei Disy, Web Enthusiast

Talk: Vue vs Web Components [Deutsch]

Michael Müller

Webentwickler, erfahren mit React, Angular und Vue

Talk: Vue vs Web Components [Deutsch]